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Our Fees & Equipment

  • Fees are invoiced at the beginning of February. Payment received in full by the end of February attracts a 3% discount on tuition and materials fees.
  • The materials fee is due by the end of February.
  • Families may elect to pay the tuition fee by equal monthly instalments from Feb-Nov.
  • Withdrawal of a student from Ranges TEC requires one full term’s notice in writing or payment of a term’s fees in lieu of notice.
  • VET Course Costs are non-refundable once a student commences their course.
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Mid Year Intake Fees 2024
Tuition Fee
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Other Costs

All Ranges TEC students are required to wear appropriate work clothing to Ranges TEC each day e.g. Work boots (steel cap), Personal Protective Equipment (safety glasses, ear protection), Sturdy workpants and a high visibility top.

Students may have additional workwear requirements based on their chosen trade e.g. Chef uniform (Hospitality), Broad Brim Hat/Steel cap gumboots (Horticulture).

Further information on clothing requirements will be provided at enrolment.

Estimate Cost: $200-$400

Students are required to purchase a Chromebook computer for use their while at  Ranges TEC.

Please see the link below to purchase  through our recommended supplier. Alternatively, it can be purchased elsewhere.

LWT Chromebook Order Portal

Prices begin from $450

Stationery needs are kept to a minimum at Ranges TEC. A list is provided at the beginning of the school year.

Estimated Cost: $50

In general, the student Chromebook is sufficient and no further textbooks are required.

There may be an exception for Building & Construction students to have an additional textbook. If so, this book can be purchased from Ranges TEC.

Year 10 Hiking Camp – students will receive a list of requirements once the school year is underway. Often, these items are already owned by families, can be borrowed from family or friends or hired from camping equipment outlets.

All students are required to have a second pair of shoes with them (to replace muddy boots when returning from the farm).

For further information contact us via email

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