Structured Workplace Learning

Work Placement (Structured Workplace Learning)

A key feature of all Ranges TEC’s programs is that training goes ‘hand in glove’ with ‘real work’. Work Placement is a key component of our curriculum. It is supported through staff visits to student workplaces, integrated into our school timetable and supported by workbooks and class activities.

Work Placement provides excellent opportunities to put into practice the technical and employability skills developed during training. It usually involves a business hosting a young person in the workplace in blocks and/or one day per week over an extended period of time.

Year 10 students

Complete four blocks: one week in April, one week in July and two weeks in November.

Year 11 and 12 students

Complete one day per week and two block weeks: one week in April and one week in July.

For more information please contact your teacher or the office on 9738 7100.

Work Placement Forms