Year 10 Camp | 2023

Year 10 Camp | 2023

The Year 10 camp is always a special highlight of the year. Every year in Term 1, our Year 10s pack a bag and head out for their hiking camp. No matter how much preparation we run the students through, Wilsons Prom always offers up a different kind of challenge and it’s great watching our students overcome them.

This year was no different. We almost had the entire cohort come to camp this year which is always a great sign. Everyone arrived bright-eyed and ready to accept the challenge ahead. They also ensured they checked every other student’s pack to ensure theirs wasn’t the only one that seemed ridiculously heavy.

The overall trip felt like it had great elements of comradery and joy with all of our students enjoying the group walk down to the Telegraph Junction on the first day. From there, the groups split up and went on their different routes. Both groups enjoyed their campsites along the beach on the first night, each taking the opportunity to take in the beauty of their surroundings and dip their feet in the ocean. Students then retired to the campsite to cook their dinners and talk the night away. 

Our second day saw each group complete their hardest/longest hike for the trip and the determination that all of our students showed was fantastic. Some of the students were even outpacing our staff. Most groups finished the day in pretty good spirits and with sore feet. It’s fair to say that dinner and rest were very well received on Thursday night.

Friday saw the all groups hike back to Telegraph Junction for the final climb up the beginnings of Mt Oberon. It was a pretty difficult slog but the joy of getting to go home was enough of a carrot to keep students moving forward.

A huge thank you to all of the parents that helped everyone get ready for the camp – getting the students well prepared is very much a team effort and you all made it really easy. The experience of camp was overall positive and we are sure it will be a highlight of the year.

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