Year 12 Project Year – VCAL

VCAL: Individual Projects & Immersion Project

In the final year of schooling at Ranges TEC, students can complete their Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and Vocational Education Training (VET) certificates in a highly individualised program. Students are focussed on individual programs within their final year, usually in a trade context, and undertake learning outcomes of the VCAL.


Students also participate in an immersion project focussing on community development. For example, students may travel to Darwin to work with a local Indigenous community to identify practical needs. In addition to a specific project, students participate in a weekly class, Our Story, looking at their personal development in the context of the world around them.


VET Studies

VET is a common acronym used within both the VCE and the VCAL. It is short for Vocational Education and Training. It is also commonly called a pre-app, pre-apprenticeship or Certificate II. At Ranges TEC students have the opportunity to complete parts of different Certificate II courses and/or a full Certificate II in their choice of Trade. It is common for Ranges TEC students to complete their VCAL having studied parts of more than one trade. For example, if a student is not sure of the trade they wish to follow, they can take a Certificate II in one trade in Year 11, and take on another Certificate II in Year 12. This is part of learning transferable skills and career exploration that is possible at Ranges TEC.

This may include: Certificate II courses –

Building & Construction


Furniture Making




If your son or daughter would like to take on a VET certificate that Ranges TEC does not offer this can be considered if it can fit in with the whole program (extra fees may apply).

Work Placement

An important part of the Ranges TEC VCAL program is work placement. Forty days are available throughout the school year for year 11 and 12 students to engage in ‘real work’. This period, actively supported by staff, is clearly linked to school learning outcomes and provides many opportunities for student assessment. At Ranges TEC we recognise that student outcomes are greatly improved through a meaningful work placement program.

Are other options possible?

There are a number of options available within each of these programs and Ranges TEC is committed to making every effort to provide flexible, personalised learning pathways to meet student needs. Pathways are made up of individualised project work, School Based Apprenticeships or Traineeships (SBAT), On the Job Assessment, Certificate studies, a variety of VCAL options and more. Please contact us to discuss personalised options.

Apprenticeships outcomes

Most of Ranges TEC students that begin Certificate II courses move on to apprenticeships once they complete their course. Others go on to TAFE, the wider workforce or take on a gap year.