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Ranges TEC Enrolments

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Ranges TEC  is a campus of Mount Evelyn Christian School especially designed for hands-on learners to study at Year 10, 11 & 12 with the goal of achieving a year 12 completion and a pathway into trade, TAFE or the wider workforce.

May 29   Ranges TEC Open Day


Apr 14&15 Roundtables

May 11-20 B&C Intensive (Glenn’s class)

May 29   Ranges TEC Open Day

Aug 5&6 Roundtables

Aug 14-26 Year 12 Service project camp

Aug 23-26 B&C Intensive (Scott’s class)

Nov 5 Year 12 last day

Nov 10 Last VET class

Nov 12 Last day celebrations

Dec 1  Final Assembly & orientation