White Card at Ranges TEC, Preparing you to Work Safely
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White Card at Ranges TEC, Preparing you to Work Safely

The White Card (Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry) course provides an opportunity for those wishing to gain employment in the Building and Construction industry or those wishing to do owner builds at home. 

Ranges TEC provides a realistic training program that is more than just the content. We make the link between the theory and the real-life context through small group discussion and activity based scenarios drawn from worksite experience. 

White Card sessions give an understanding of the rights and responsibilities under health and safety law, which will help participants keep safe and confident at work. The sessions provide practice at addressing hazards in any workplace and management of how to reduce the risk of injury. We also encourage communication as a key part of the process of achieving any job safely and efficiently.

Our RTO Manager Tim Allchin reveals that “participants range from students from different schools looking for construction work, to home owners wanting to owner build.” He also explains, “there are a variety of tradespeople who attain White Card for the council and other organisations,” as the course gives basic risk management in a construction environment. 

Our sessions are designed to involve a variety of activities and stories from our professional builder, exploring how these principles work on a real building site. Participants enjoy working together in small groups, discussing real issues and developing realistic solutions in their spaces, and connecting with like-minded people from different backgrounds.

We are proud to provide this course and have been for over 10 years. 

For more practical information on the course outline, upcoming sessions, and for any questions, please see the White Card page. 

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