Ranges TEC prioritises Student and Tradie Wellbeing

Ranges TEC prioritises Student and Tradie Wellbeing

Ranges TEC prioritises Student and Tradie Wellbeing

Tradies make up 30% of our workforce, (HALT). Tradies build our houses, fix our electrical issues, landscape our gardens, sort out our plumbing, design and make furniture, the list goes on. But what’s behind all of those trade skills? Who are tradies as people? Who have they got to support them? 

According to 2019 statistics from ‘Suicide Prevention Charity’ and training group ‘MATES in Construction,’ tradies are six times more likely to die from suicide than an accident at work, (ABC News). Tradie suicide rates across Australia have reached an all-time high as figures show a spike in calls for help from our youngest blue-collar workers, (Herald Sun).

Young people matter. Tradies matter.

As a Registered Training Organisation, Ranges TEC seeks to not only equip our students with trade skills, but strive to educate and support our students to thrive. We prioritise student and tradie wellbeing.

So how do we do that?

Firstly, wellbeing is not just a class our students attend, it’s at the core of what we do. Whether our students are learning practical skills, numeracy, literacy, personal development, or on breaks, wellbeing is at the essence of our functioning. 

Smaller class sizes, arranged into home rooms, help foster a sense of belonging. Students are known by staff and get the opportunity to discuss life issues in this space, along with personal development classes such as The Rite Journey and My Story, where students are equipped to journey through the tradie life well. Students have the chance to talk about what’s important to them, as well as their wins and struggles. Students meet members of support organisations in our community and learn about support options that are within reach and hear from various guest speakers.

Students also learn about contributing to others in the community. At Ranges TEC, our students apply the skills they’re learning to community projects. An example of this is the local cafe where students purchase food on their breaks. Students have been building a park bench with a rain cover for the cafe so that customers can have a place to sit. Students have also been working on various projects at a local campsite.

“It feels great that we’ve built something for someone else. It’s motivating to use skills to help others.”
– Paddy, Josh, Bailey (Year 10 students). 

Finally, we offer support to our students if they are going through challenging times. Staff are trained through the ‘Berry Street’ model, which is trauma informed training to help assist students with what they need. We also have a specialised student support team to help support students in times of distress.

Young people matter. Tradies matter.

Todd Mahoney
Ranges TEC | Chaplain

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