First Aid Courses with Ranges TEC
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First Aid Courses with Ranges TEC

First Aid Courses with Ranges TEC

First Aid knowledge is critical to obtain for many fields of work and often mandatory. Ranges TEC began providing a First Aid course as these units were part of the Certificate II Pre-Apprenticeship courses that we offer. This has birthed a course that is engaging and practical in nature.

We run First Aid courses in schools, a variety of community organisations (including Scouts), and in a variety of companies across different industries. The courses vary depending on the context of the organisation. We focus our sessions on discussions and practice about emergency situations in the context of the organisation and the concepts behind these practices. We have found over the 10 years of providing this course that large amounts of theory without context does not equip an individual as well as a context-driven approach does. 

Our RTO Manager, Tim Allchin, reveals that “participants enjoy working together in small groups, discussing real issues, and developing realistic risk management solutions, including relevant policies and procedures for their practice.” Our context-based training fits into Ranges TEC’s belief that training should be relational and engaging, not merely a response to deal with compliance issues. “Underlying this is a notion that First Aid should be a hopeful and realistic action that relates directly to the learner’s circumstances,” he states. 

There are three main courses as parts of the First Aid course that we offer at Ranges TEC: 

  • A full day course for teachers and any type of staff/volunteers who work with youth 
  • A half day refresher course 
  • A full day course for members of the public and school aged children 

(We include the Asthma and Anaphylaxis units in the teacher and the refresher programs as these are things that people in schools and other youth organisations will encounter frequently). To learn more about upcoming sessions and the programs we offer, please visit the First Aid page.

We are also very proud to provide a Youth Mental Health First Aid course with these thoughts in mind. We believe that mental health first aid is as important as physical first aid but is not recognised as such at the moment in many parts of our society. Find more information on this course here.

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