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First Aid

Course Overview

The knowledge and skills gained in this course allow safe undertaking of a wide range of first aid responses. Standards suggest full first aid training be undertaken every 3 years to ensure that people are confident and practised following current thinking.

Course Offerings

  • First Aid Refresher including CPR (HLTAID009), Asthma (22556VIC) and Anaphylaxis (22578VIC)
  • Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) – Standard level 2 course.
  • Provide First Aid Response in an Education & Care Setting (HLTAID012) – Level 2 course including specific risk management, thinking about asthma and anaphylaxis.

For each First Aid course, there is essential online pre-work to be completed at home before the practical session, so please book in no later than one week prior to the practical session to allow time to complete the online pre-work.

*If you are from a Scouts organisation, please refer to the Scouts calendar here. Please fill out the Scouts enrolment form here.

Scouts Full First Aid Education Care Course Brochure
Scouts Provide First Aid Course Brochure
Scouts First Aid Refresher Course Brochure

Scouts First Aid Calendar

Download and view the various courses offerings here:
Provide First Aid L2 Brochure
Education & Care L2 Brochure

Refresher Brochure
Enrolment Form (For Print)

  • The Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) course is offered over two nights, as per the schedule listed.
  • The First Aid Refresher course is run in conjunction with the first night of the full Provide First Aid course.
  • Organisations and individuals wanting to complete the Education and Care (HLTAID012) course should contact Jendaya via the email listed below.
  • Mon 18th March & Mon 25th March (4pm – 9pm)
  • Mon 27th May & Mon 3rd June (4pm – 9pm)
  • Mon 5th August & Mon 12th August (4pm – 9pm)
  • Mon 2nd September & Mon 9th September (4pm – 9pm)
  • Mon 11th November & Mon 18th November (4pm – 9pm)
Scouts First Aid Calendar
Contact Jendaya at [email protected] to submit your completed enrolment form or for any queries regarding this short course.


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