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Ranges TEC specialises in hands-on learning primarily for students who are looking to pursue a trade pathway and/or an alternative educational pathway to the VCE. Ranges TEC has developed a Year 10 pathways program that is exclusively designed for hands-on learners. It has been designed by trades people who know how to engage with students....
In Year 11 students will gain: VET Studies VET is a common acronym used within the VCE VM. It is short for Vocational Education and Training. It is also commonly called a pre-app, pre-apprenticeship or Certificate II. At Ranges TEC students have the opportunity to complete parts of different Certificate II courses and/or a full...

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Ranges TEC is a campus of Mount Evelyn Christian School especially designed for hands-on learners to study at Year 10, 11 & 12 with the goal of achieving a year 12 completion and a pathway into trade, TAFE or the wider workforce.
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