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Ranges TEC prioritises Student and Tradie Wellbeing Tradies make up 30% of our workforce, (HALT). Tradies build our houses, fix our electrical issues, landscape our gardens, sort out our plumbing, design and make furniture, the list goes on. But what’s behind all of those trade skills? Who are tradies as people? Who have they got...
Year 12 Commitment to Recycling As Term 1 ends, we typically start the year with a ‘warm-up project’ that gets us thinking about the challenges of Year 12 and a Senior VCAL certificate, (now known as VCE VM). This year we have tackled Ranges TEC’s commitment to recycling and sustainability by reviewing our process, identifying some significant...

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Ranges TEC is a campus of Mount Evelyn Christian School especially designed for hands-on learners to study at Year 10, 11 & 12 with the goal of achieving a year 12 completion and a pathway into trade, TAFE or the wider workforce.
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