Year 12 Commitment to Recycling

Year 12 Commitment to Recycling

As Term 1 ends, we typically start the year with a ‘warm-up project’ that gets us thinking about the challenges of Year 12 and a Senior VCAL certificate, (now known as VCE VM).

This year we have tackled Ranges TEC’s commitment to recycling and sustainability by reviewing our process, identifying some significant problems, developing solutions, and forming a communication strategy to implement the changes.

The Year 12 students have been designing and making posters, making and assembling kits of parts for new waste bins, and building an aluminium can crusher. At the same time, they have been completing some reading, writing, and speaking challenges, all meeting the first of their VCAL assessments. 

As we progress into the year, most students are engaging in Structured Workplace Learning placements, using them to explore either career options or working towards apprenticeships next year. We have a few who have already started apprenticeships, engaging in their Certificate III studies and enjoying their work. All students have started a new component of the program, based on the new VCE VM curriculum, that connects placements to the broader world of careers and the working world. They are also working on numeracy activities and should be ready to start their independent projects.

In the Our Story space, Todd is leading the students through the process of mapping their life through memories and significant events and building up their well-being skills and awareness. We look forward to support the students finish the year off strong.

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