Certificate II in Auslan
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Certificate II in Auslan

Ranges TEC proudly provides a Certificate II in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). This certificate is unique as it is not only available for adults in the community, but for Secondary VET students who are still completing Year 11 or Year 12.

The Certificate II in Auslan equips students with basic conversational skills, an understanding of fundamental differences between English and Auslan, and an understanding of Deaf culture and their way of life. In Australia, Auslan is the majority language of the Deaf community. 

As of August 2022, the Department of Health and Aged Care states in Australia “about 3.6 million have some level of hearing loss” and this can “affect social and emotional wellbeing, including a higher risk of low self-esteem, low confidence, memory loss and depression.” We value having strong relationships and inclusivity in our community, and a key tool to achieve this is through the power of communication. 

At Ranges TEC, we also value individuals finding their sense of belonging and the right pathway for their future, which is why we’re so passionate about this course. This qualification can be used to support families in the Deaf community and it can be used for volunteering and careers in child care, education, and disability. It can also lead to an Auslan interpreting pathway and other rewarding career opportunities in the Deaf community.

Our RTO Manager, Tim Allchin, shared his thoughts on The Christian Education Podcast. He discusses the importance of the hearing community learning Auslan and how it can be used to reach marginalised communities.

To find out more about completing a Certificate II in Auslan at Ranges TEC, visit the course brochure here.

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